Device Manufacturers

Open Device Labs help developers and designers to optimise content for consumption on your devices, effectively improving the experience for your customers.

Big agencies can afford to buy test devices (or may even receive them from you), but smaller studios and freelancers can't afford this "privilege".

You want to help us help others help you? Great. It's not only about giving free devices – it's also about easing your work in having a central point of contact in Bangkok instead of dealing with a growing number of device labs.

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Coworking Spaces

A single Open Device Lab in a congested metropolis like Bangkok won't cut it.

Coworking spaces are ideal locations to set up open device labs: think how convenient it would be for your members to have devices at hand to test their projects on!

We can help you to set up an ODL in your coworking space.

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Wish List

The device landscape is constantly changing, here are some of the devices we are looking for:

Older devices are as important as newer models, so don't let them gather dust and consider donating them!

You can also help us improving the lab by donating device stands, good wifi routers, powered USB hubs, or by providing data about the state of the mobile web in Thailand.