Mobile Landscape

Know the market you're developing for, and which devices you should use for testing.

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Refreshing the same page across multiple devices is quickly going to become tiring.

  • Ghostlab to synchronize your view across various browsers and on multiple devices (paid Mac/Windows app).
  • Browser-sync open source, command-line based, cross-platform.
  • shim synchronize several devices/browsers and surf the same pages
  • Remote Preview preview any URL on large number of mobile devices simultaneously
  • Adobe Edge Inspect CC preview & inspect web designs on devices (paid subscription required if more than one device, currently not purchasable in Thailand)
  • wildcard DNS for any IP address

Remote Testing & Emulators

Nothing beats testing on actual devices -especially touch devices- but if you need to test on a device that's not available in the lab, here are a few options.